This bundle of Crain's Integrated Petrophysical Reference Manuals contains 10 full-colour textbooks in PDF format at about half the cost of the individual items. Topics include virtually everything a practicing geroscientist or engineer needs to enhance technical skills and improve career prospects. University, tech school, and post-grad students also find quick access to advanced topics.

QUICK FACTS: 10 reference manuals, 1400+ pages, detailed tables of contents, computer-ready math for input to commercial software or custom spreadsheets, 100's of examples and exercises to test your skills.

LEARN how to apply "Crain's Rules" to petrophysical or log analysis problems.
PRACTICE the step-by-step procedures on real-world exercises.
REVIEW the case histories to see how your results match reality at the well head.
UNDERSTAND the technical and economic benefits of competent petrophysical evaluation of your assets.

RF-01 to RF-10 inclusive. Click links in menu at far right to view Table of Contents of each Reference Manual.

SUITABLE FOR: all geoscientists, geotechs, engineers, managers and CEO's.

Put my 50 years of practical petrophysical experience to work for you.


License:   Single-User • Corporate Academic


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