How Ancient Logs Work and How to Use Them


This Reference Manual and Short Course cover visual and numerical log analysis methods for logs run before 1960. Topics include electrical survey (ES). spontaneous potential (SP), micrologs, laterologs, old style neutron, sonic and density logs, as well as ancient gamma ray logs. Solutions for shale volume, porosity, and water saturation are provided for most combinations of these tools. A special section is included on Russian-style logs for those who need to assess potential in FSU areas. These logs were still being run as recently as 2016, so if you work Eastern Europe or Central Asia, you will need this course.

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RF-03: 116 pages, 4 chapters, detailed table of contents, computer-ready math.

Item #RF-03S: 2 narrated video slideshows, with lecture notes and exercises.

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RF-04 Crain's Logging Tool Theory 

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1.00 Ancient Logs – 1930 to 1970
1.01 Ancient Resistivity Logs
1.02 Electrical Survey
1.03 Induction Electrical Survey
1.04 Laterolog
1.05 Rules for Determining True Resistivity
1.06 Modern Resistivity Inversion Software
1.07 Microlog
1.08 Microlaterolog
1.09 Induction Electrical Survey (IES)
1.10 Dual Induction Log (DIL)
1.11 Spontaneous Potential Log

2.00 Ancient Porosity Logs
2.01 Single Receiver Sonic Log
2.02 Two Receiver Sonic Log
2.03 Borehole Compensated Sonic Log (BHCS)
2.04 Uncompensated Density Log
2.05 Compensated Density Log (FDC)
2.06 Gamma Ray Neutron Log (GRN, GNT)
2.07 Sidewall Neutron Log (SNP)
2.08 Compensated Neutron Log (CNL)
2.09 Gamma Ray Logs (GR)
2.10 Gamma Ray Detectors

3.00 Analyzing Ancient Logs
3.01 Shale Volume
3.02 Pore Volume
3.03 Porosity From Sonic Logs
3.04 Porosity From Density Logs
3.05 Porosity From Neutron Logs
3.06 Porosity from ES and Micrologs
3.07 Maximum Porosity Method
3.08 Lithology
3.09 Formation Water Resistivity
   From Catalog or DST Recovery
   From Water Zone (R0 Method)
   From Spontaneous Potential
3.10 Water and Hydrocarbon Saturation
   From Archie Method
   From Simandoux Method
   From Dual Water Method
   From Buckles Number
3.11 Water Saturation and Porosity from Ratio  Method
3.12 Irreducible Water Saturation
3.13 Permeability and Productivity
   From the Wyllie-Rose Method
   From Porosity
3.14 Summarizing Results
3.15 Case Histories


  • Introduction To Ancient Logs

  • Electrical Survey (FS Log)

  • Normal Curve

  • Lateral Curve

  • Spontaneous Potential (SP)

  • Laterolog (LL3, LL7)

  • Microlog (MLC)
    Microlaterolog (MLLC)

  • Gamma Ray Log (GR)

  • Neutron Log (GNT)

  • Density Log

  • Sonic Log 

  • Shale Volume, Porosity, Water Saturation

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 16


  • Introduction To Russian-Style Logs

  • Electrical Survey (BKZ)

  • Normal Curve (Potential, PZ)

  • Lateral Curve (Gradient, GZ)

  • Russian Core Analysis

  • Gamma Ray Log (GK)

  • Neutron Log (NGK)

  • Density Log (GGK)

  • Sonic Log (AK)

  • Shale Volume, Porosity, Water Saturation

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 17


4.00 Russian Style Logs - Overview
4.01 Where Are Russian Logs Found
4.02 Russian Core Analysis
4.03 Russian Log Headings
4.04 Russian Resistivity Logs
4.05 Russian GR and SP Logs
4.06 Russian Neutron Logs
4.07 Russian Sonic Logs
4.08 Russian Density Logs
4.09.Russian Case Histories
4.10 Russian Log Curve Names

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