This Reference Manual covers topics needed to understand and analyze data for non-petroleum applications, such as water wells, CO2 storage and monitoring, geothermal wells, igneous and metamorphic rocks, hydrogen generation and accumulation, lithium extraction, helium wells, non-metallic minerals, surface and borehole methods for metallic minerals, and potash evaluation wells.

Numerous examples are used to illustrate results from each of these “special cases” in the wonderful realm of Petrophysics in the Green Economy

RF-11: 132 pages, 11 chapters, table of contents, computer-ready math, access to all META/LOG spreadsheet software.

all geoscientists, geotechs, engineers, managers and CEO's.

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1.00    Water – For Every Purpose

1.01    Potable and Near-Potable Water

1.02    Using Water Analyses to find Meteoric Water

1.03    Using Log Analysis to find Meteoric Water

1.04    Log Analysis Example – Aquifer Evaluation


2.00    Carbon Dioxide – Storage and Monitoring

2.01    Sources and Uses of Carbon Dioxide

2.02    Carbon Storage in Geological Formations

2.03    Petrophysics for Carbon Storage Projects

2.04    Visual Log Analysis Rules for CO2

2.05    Quantitative Methods for CO2 Log Analysis

2.06    References


3.00    Geothermal – Basics and Examples

3.01    Geothermal Energy in Canada

3.02    Log Analysis in Geothermal Wells

3.03    Logging Examples in Geothermal Wells


4.00    Geothermal – Metamorphic and Igneous Rocks

4.01    Metamorphic Rock Classification

4.02    Metamorphic Rock Properties

4.03    Igneous Rock Classification

4.04    Igneous Mineral Properties

4.05    Converting Minerals to Rock-Types

4.06    Log Analysis Examples


5.00    Hydrogen – Natural and Manufactured

5.01    Petrophysical Analysis in Hydrogen Bearing Rocks

5.02    Natural Hydrogen from Geologic Accumulations

5.03    Manufactured Hydrogen

5.04    Hydrogen Production from Methane using Steam Reforming

5.05    Hydrogen Production from Electrolysis of Water

5.06    Hydrogen Production from Methane Pyrolysis

5.07    Native Hydrogen from Serpentinization Reactions

5.08    References


6.00    Lithium – from Oilfield and Near-Surface Brines

6.01    Lithium Extraction from Hard Rock Ores

6.02    Lithium Extraction from Surface Brines

6.03    Lithium Extraction from Deep Brines

6.04    References


7.00    Helium – Old Wells are New Again

7.01    Log Analysis in Helium Wells

7.02    Logging Program for Inert Gas Wells

7.03    Log Analysis Examples in Helium Wells


8.00    Non-Metallic Minerals – Products we still Need

8.01    Halite – Anhydrite Model

8.02    Halite – Anhydrite Example

8.03    Gypsum Model

8.04    Gypsum Example

8.05    Trona Model

8.06    Trona Example

8.07    Sulphur Model

8.08    Sulphur Example

8.09    References


9.00    Metallic Minerals – Subsurface Methods

9.01    Some Mining Basics

9.02    Seismic Acquisition for Mining Applications

9.03    Potential Field Methods

9.04    Gravity Field Mapping and Data Processing

9.05    Magneto-Tellurics (MT)

9.06    Subsurface Resistivity Mapping

9.07    Induced Polarization Methods (IP)

9.08    Aeromagnetic Methods (EM, TEM)

9.09    Radiometric Field Mapping and Data Processing

9.10    Electromagnetic Spectrum Remote Sensing

9.11    References


10.00  Metallic Minerals – Logging Methods

10.01  Borehole Logging in the Mining Environment

10.02  Borehole Logging and Coring Programs

10.03  Specialized Borehole Logging Tools for Mining Applications

10.04  Induction/Electromagnetic Susceptibility Logs

10.05  Induced Polarization Logs

10.06  Induced Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

10.07  High Resolution Temperature Logs

10.08  Concluding Remarks

10.09  References


11.00  Potash Assay Basics

11.01  Properties of Potash Minerals

11.02  Potash Mineral Identification using Crossplots

11.03  Potash Analysis Concepts – Older Logs

11.04  Potash Ore Grade from Gamma Ray Log

11.05  Potash Analysis Models – Older Logs

11.06  Potash Analysis Models – Modern Logs

11.07  Potash Analysis Examples – Older Logs

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