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This Reference Manual and Short Course cover topics needed to calculate dynamic elastic rock properties, such as shear modulus, Poisson’s ratio, Young’s modulus, brittleness, overburden stress, pore pressure, and closure stress from modern well logs. Integration and calibration to static and dynamic lab data, implications for hydraulic fracture design, and log editing are discussed.

QUICK FACTS: RF-05: 97 pages, 13 chapters, 4 appendices, table of contents, computer-ready math.

                           RF-05S: as above PLUS 100 narrated PowerPoint sldes.
LEARN how to apply "Crain's Rules" to mechanical properties / elastic constants calculations.
PRACTICE the step-by-step procedures on real-world exercises.
REVIEW the case histories to see how your results match reality at the well head.
UNDERSTAND the technical and ecoomic benefits of competent petrophysical evaluation of your assets.

SUITABLE FOR: all geoscientists, geotechs, engineers, managers and CEO's.
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Put my 50 years of practical petrophysical experience to work for you.


License:   Single-User • Corporate Academic



0 lMechanical Properties Basics
1 Elastic Constants Theory
2 Log Editing Basics
3 Calculating Mechanical Properties Of Rocks
      1. Shear Modulus N
      2. Poisson's Ratio PR
      3. Bulk Modulus Kb
      4. Bulk Compressibility Cb
      5. Biot’s Constant Alpha
      6. Young's Modulus Y 
      7. Modulus of Compressibility Kc
      8. Pore Compressibility Kp or Kf
4 Calibrating Dynamic to Static Constants
5 Examples of Mechanical Properties Logs
6 Calculating Overburden Pressure Gradient

7 Calculating Normal Pore Pressure Gradient
8 Calculating Abnormal Pressure Gradient
9 Calculating Fracture Pressure Gradient
10 Calibrating Fracture Pressure Gradient
11 Calculating Fracture Extent
12 Gamma Ray Logging to Confirm Fracture
13 Fracture Orientation from Caliper and
       Dipmeter Logs
  Tables of Rock Properties
  Elastic Constants Transforms
  Alternate Log Editing Models
  Dispersion and Gas Effects



  • Mechanical Properties Basics

  • Elastic Constants Theory

  • Log Editing Basics

  • Calculating Mechanical Properties Of Rocks

  • Shear Modulus N

  • Poisson's Ratio PR

  • Bulk Modulus Kb

  • Bulk Compressibility Cb

  • Biot’s Constant Alpha

  • Young's Modulus Y 

  • Modulus of Compressibility Kc

  • Pore Compressibility Kp or Kf

  • Calibrating Dynamic to Static Constants

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 14



  • Calculating Normal Pore Pressure Gradient

  • Calculating Abnormal Pressure Gradient

  • Calculating Overburden Pressure Gradient

  • Calculating Fracture Pressure and Closure Stress Gradient

  • Calibrating Pressure Gradients

  • Calculating Fracture Extent

  • Gamma Ray Logging to Confirm Fracture Placement

  • Fracture Orientation from Caliper

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 15


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