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This Reference Manual and Short Course cover topics needed to calculate cement strength and bond index in both neat and light weight cements. Analysis of both modern and older style cement integrity logs is stressed. Numerous examples are used to illustrate CBL, VDL, CMT, CET, and USI logs. Casing and tubing inspection logs and a case history are also covered.

QUICK FACTS: RF-06: 57 pages, detailed table of contents, interpretation rules for each tool.

                           RF-06S: as above PLUS 75 narrated PowerPoint sldes.

LEARN how to apply "Crain's Rules" to cement log interpretation.
PRACTICE the step-by-step procedures on real-world exercises.
REVIEW the case histories to see how your results match reality at the well head.
UNDERSTAND the technical and ecoomic benefits of competent cement evaluation of your assets.

SUITABLE FOR: all geoscientists, geotechs, engineers, managers and CEO's.

Put my 50 years of practical petrophysical experience to work for you.


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0 Introduction
1 Types of Cement Integrity Logs
2 Temperature Logs
3 Cement Bond Logs (CBL)
4 Cement Bond-Variable Density Logs (CBL-VDL)
5 Cement Mapping Logs (CMT, CET, PET)
6 Ultrasonic Imaging Logs (USI, RBT)
7 Casing / Tubing Inspection
8 Ultrasonic Methods
9 Electromagnetic Methods
10 Multi-Finger Caliper Methods
11 Case History
12 Exercises



  • Introduction

  • Types of Cement Integrity Logs

  • Temperature Logs

  • Cement Bond Logs (CBL)

  • Cement Bond-Variable Density Logs (CBL-VDL)

  • Cement Mapping Logs (CMT, CET, PET)

  • Ultrasonic Imaging Logs (USI, RBT)

  • Casing / Tubing Inspection

  • Ultrasonic Methods

  • Electromagnetic Methods

  • Multi-Finger Caliper Methods

  • Case History

  • Exercises 26

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