* TOPICS *       
2. Types of Cement Logs
3. Temperature Logs
4. Cement Bond Logs (CBL)
5. Cement Bond-Variable
          Density Logs (CBL-VDL)
6. Cement Mapping Logs
7. Ultrasonic Imaging Logs
8. Casing / Tubing Inspection
9. Ultrasonic Methods
10. Electromagnetic Methods
11. Multi-Finger Calipers
12. Case History
13. Exercises

        * COURSE OUTLINE *
Covers topics needed to calculate cement strength and bond index in both neat and light weight cements. Analysis of both modern and older style cement integrity logs is stressed. Numerous examples are used to illustrate CBL, VDL, CMT, CET, and USI logs. Casing and tubing inspection logs and a case history are also covered.
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