Covers all topics needed to understand log data acquisition and logging tool concepts for both open and cased hole logs:
basic physics and operating concepts, focusing, or lack of it, on older log suites, example of log displays, and how to identify each curve, how to read logs (e.g. bed boundaries, which log curve is best to use), much more.

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0 Introduction
1 What Is Well Logging?
2 Creating the Well Log
3 Electrical Survey
4 Spontaneous Potential
5 Induction Logs
6 Laterologs
7 Micro Resistivity Logs
8 Sonic Logs
      Acoustic Sources
      Transmission Modes
      Types of Tools
9 Density and PE Logs
10 Neutron Logs
11 Gamma Ray Logs
12. Nuclear Magnetic Log
13. Pulsed Neutron Logs
14. Elemental Capture Spetrography Log
15 Cased Hole Resistivity Log
16 Tool Resolution
17 What Logs Should Be Run


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