Covers topics needed to calculate log response in support of seismic modeling, creation of synthetic seismograms, and synthetic seismic sections. Fluid and rock replacement concepts, calibrating inversion, AVO, and porosity/lithology analysis from seismic attributes wraps up the subject.

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1.00 Seismic Petrophysics Basics

1.01 Seismic Modeling

1.02 Log Modeling

1.03 Logs Used in Seismic Interpretation
1.04 The Shared-Earth Concept


2.00 Log Editing Concepts

2.01 Modeling Sonic and Density with Response Equation

2.02 Seismic Check Shots

2.03 Editing Sonic Logs With SRS and VSP Data

2.04 Modeling Sonic and Density Logs With Trend Data

2.05 Modeling Sonic and Density Logs From Resistivity

2.06 Modeling Sonic and Density Logs From Neutron and
        Gamma Ray

2.07 Modeling Sonic and Density Logs With Regression

2.08 Modeling the Sonic Log Response From Biot-
       -Gassmann Equations
2.09 Gardnerís Model for Density from Sonic


3.00 Seismic Modeling Basics

3.01 Step By Step Procedure for Modeling

3.02 Integrating the Sonic Log

3.03 Acoustic Impedance and Reflection Coefficients

3.04 Calculating Seismic Wavelets

3.05 Convolution of Wavelet & Reflection Coefficients

3.06 Case Histories: Synthetic Seismograms

4.00 Seismic Attributes Basics

4.01 Seismic Inversion Procedures

4.02 Capturing Low Frequency Components

4.03 Displaying Seismic Inversion Traces

4.04 Case Histories: Seismic Inversion
4.05 Porosity/Lithology From Shear Seismic
4.06 Case Histories: Porosity/Lithology

5.00 Vertical Seismic Profile Concepts

5.01 Vertical Seismic Profiles On Wireline

5.02 Vertical Seismic Profiles While Drilling

5.03 Case Histories: Vertical Seismic Profiles

5.04 Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO)

5.05 Case Histories: Amplitude Versus Offset


6.00 Seismic Concepts for Non-Geophysicists 

6.01 Seismic Data Acquisition

6.02 Seismic Velocity Analysis Techniques

6.03 Calculating Seismic Velocity From Logs

6.04 Calculating Interval Velocity From Seismic  6.05 Time to Depth Conversions

6.06 Seismic Velocity and Dipping Beds


Appendix 1: Log Analysis for Geophysicists

Appendix 2: List of Abbreviations / Nomenclature

Appendix 3: Elastic Constants Transforms

Appendix 4: Elastic Properties of Rocks

Appendix 5: Frequency (Dispersion) and Gas
                    Effects on Acoustic Waves


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