Covers all topics needed to understand dipmeter and image log acquisition, data processing, and presentation. Interpretation limitations and processing options are stressed.
Use of logs to aid definition of structure, stratigraphy, and electro-facies concepts are covered in detail with numerous case histories.

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  • Introduction To Dip and Image Logs

  • Evolution of the Dipmeter Concept

  • Modern Dipmeters

  • Basic Continuous Dipmeter Calculations

  • High Resolution Dipmeter

  • Determining Dip By Clustering and Pooling

  • Pattern Recognition Dip Calculations

  • Stratigraphic High Resolution Dipmeter

  • Formation Imaging From Dipmeters

  • Resistivity Microscanner Imaging

  • Dipmeter Advisor - An Expert System

  • Auxiliary Dipmeter Presentations

  • Dip Subtraction and Rotation

  • True Stratigraphic and True Vertical Thickness

  • True Vertical Depth

  • Exercise 18


  • Plate Tectonics - The Big Picture

  • Diastrophism - The Regional Picture

  • Subsidence and the Creation of Geosynclines

  • Folds and Faults

  • Petroleum Traps Formed By Structures

  • Analysis of Dipmeter Data For Structural Features

  • Choosing and Using Regional Dip

  • Deciding What The Patterns Mean

  • Classic Dipmeter Patterns On Arrow Plots -------- The Cook Book

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 19


  • Depositional Environments

  • Stratigraphic Traps

  • Grain Size

  • Dip Spread

  • Current Bedding

  • Curve Shape Analysis

  • Dipmeter Patterns in Sedimentary Structures

  • Choosing Regional Dip

  • Subtracting Regional Dip

  • Deciding What The Patterns Mean

  • Sedimentary Models

  • Classic Dipmeter Patterns For Stratigraphy - The Cookbook

  • Case Histories

  • Exercise 20



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