During the course of a petrophysicist's career, it is tempting to acquire all the reference material you can lay your hands on. This is a pretty good plan, but for newcomers to our profession, this can be both expensive and difficult. Some texts cost more than $400; others are dated, narrow, shallow, or one-sided.

To assist you in creating a worthwhile library, I have prepared a list which includes most textbooks and service company manuals of interest to log analysts. The list includes full title, first author, publisher, date, approximate cost, ISBN number, page count, and a very brief (and very personal) comment. From this, you should be able to high-grade your library acquisitions.

Most of the hardcover textbooks and service company material listed here are still available, some in updated editions with different ISBN numbers. Check with your local technical book store, online source, or service company representative. If these sources fail, try or .

There are, of course, many other sources of log analysis knowledge. These include service company brochures on specific tools and software products. Sometimes older versions are very useful while analyzing older logs. Journals and transactions of technical societies, such as CWLS, CSPG, CSEG, CIM, SPWLA, AAPG, SEG, SPE and others, contain thousands of technical papers related to our industry. Electronic copues are often available fro the various Societies or from

The lowest cost textbook quality reference manuals are available in PDF format from this website. These are listed below - use the menu on the left to order. Following that list are Hardcover Textbooks that I have used, followed by a short list of the most useful Service Company manuals. Some of this type of material is also available on the Service Company websites, but older material may not be present.

eBOOKS by E. R. Crain, P.Eng.

A. Online Petrophysical Handbool / Reference Manual
   Crain's Petrophysical Handbook, online at
       30 Chapters covering 400+ Topics, with computer-ready math and clear no-nonsense
       explanations, examples, case historues.
       Pay your Membership Fee and become a "CPH Gold or Platinum Member".
B. Crain's Integrated Petrophysics Full Length Video Courses,with Reference Manuals

 AV-01 Crain's Practical Quantitative Log Analysis for Conventional Reservoirs
            Shale, Porosity, Lithology, Saturation, Permeability, Net Pay, Productivity

  AV-02 Crain's Practical Log Analysis for Geoscientists and Engineers
            Image Logs, Dipmeters, Structural / Stratigraphic Dip, Seismic Petrophysics, Ancient Logs,
             Mechanical Rock Properties, Closure Stress, Cement and Pipe  Integrity

AV-03 Crain's Practical Quantitative Log Analysis for Unconventional Reservoirs
             TOC, Shale Gas/Oil, Tight Gas/Oil, Coal/CBM, Laminated Sands, Much More

Order Full Length Courses (PPT format)  

C. Crain's Integrated Petrophysics Video Short Courses with Reference Manuals

   RF-03S Crain's Analyzing Ancient and Russian Logs
   RF-04S Crain's Logging Tool Theory
   RF-05S Crain's Analyzing Mechanical Properties
   RF-06S Crain's  Analyzing Cement and Pipe Integrity
   RF-07S Crain's Seismic Petrophysics
   RF-08S Crain's Analyzing Dipmeter and Image Logs
   RF-09S Crain's Analyzing Fractured Reservoirs


Order Short Courses (PPT format)  

D. Crain's Integrated Petrophysics Reference Manuals

   RF-01. Crain's Petrophysical PocketPal

   RF-02. Crain's Unconventional Reservoirs 136 pages  

   RF-03. Crain's Analyzing Ancient Logs

   RF-04. Crain's Logging Tool Theory

   RF-05. Crain's Mechanical Properties

   RF-06. Crain's Cement Integrity

   RF-07. Crain's Seismic Petrophysics

   RF-08. Crain's Dipmeter Omnibus

   RF-09. Crain's Fractured Reservoirs

   RF-10. Crain's Data Acquisition

Order Reference Manuals (PDF format)  



Note: ISBN numbers shown are for the volume in my library. Newer editions are often available with different ISBN numbers.

Behaviour of the Earth
Allegre, C., Harvard Press, Cambridge, 1988, ISBN 0-374-06458-5
Excellent, well illustrated

Petroleum Reservoir Engineering

J.W. Amyx, D.M. Bass, Jr. and R.L. Witing

McGraw Hill, Toronto, 1960.
An industry standard


Log Evaluation of Shaly Sandstones: A Practical Guide
Asquith, G. B., AAPG, Tulsa, 1989, ISBN 0-89181-179-6
Good shaly sand primer, 59 pages

Basic Well Log Analysis For Geologists
Asquith, G. B., AAPG, Tulsa, 1982, ISBN 0-98181-652-6
More detailed analysis methods than above, 216 pages

Log Analysis by Microcomputer
Asquith, G. B., The Petroleum Publishing Company, Tulsa, 1980, ISBN 0-87814-118-9
Good basic book, 105 pages

Theory, Measurement and Interpretation of Well Logs
Bassiouni, Z., SPE, Richardson, 1994, ISBN 1-55563-056-1
Clear and concise

Log Quality Control
Bateman, R. M., IHRDC, Boston, 1985, ISBN 0-934634-89-0
Very good, slightly dated, 398 pages

Cased-hole Log Analysis and Reservoir Monitoring
Bateman, R. M., IHRDC, Boston, 1985, ISBN 0-934634-92-0
Good coverage, slightly dated, 311 pages

Fundamentals of Diplog Analysis
Bigelow, E. L., Atlas Wireline Services, Houston, 1987, ISBN AT87-131
Very good on dipmeter basics, slightly dated, 216 pages

Introduction to Wireline Log Analysis
Bigelow, E., Baker Hughes, 1992,  ISBN na
Well written overview

Cores and Core Logging for Geologists
Blackbourn, G. A., Whittles Publishing, Caithness, 1990, ISBN 1-870325-25-7
Excellent wellsite procedures manual, 112 pages

Determination Of Residual Oil Saturation
Bond, D. C. (Editor), Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Tulsa, 1978, ISBN 77-78927
No mention of moved oil from open hole log analysis - I wonder why?, 302 pages

Acoustics of Porous Media
Bourbie, T., Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, 1987, ISBN 0-87201-025-2
Very deep, very scary if you like the sonic log, 331 pages

Seismic Surveying and Well Logging
Boyer, S., Editions Technip, 1997, ISBN 2-7108-0712-2
Excellent coverage

Applied Open-hole Log Analysis
Brock, J., Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, 1986, ISBN 0-87201-638-2
Good coverage, one of the standard texts, 284 pages

Exploration Methods for Sandstone Reservoirs
Busch, D. A., OGCI Publications, Tulsa, 1985, ISBN 0-930972-07-4
Great book for curve shapes, correlation, and depositional environments, 270 pages

Fortran and Computer Mathematics for the Engineer and cientist

R.E.Carlile, B.E.Gillett, McGraw Hill

Lots of good algorithms, easily cinverted to modern languages

Handbook of Physical Constants
Clark, S. P. (Editor), The Geological Society of America, New York, 1966, ISBN 66-19814
Essential - find one at any cost, 587 pages

The Log Analysis Handbook
Volume One - Quantitative Methods
E. R. Crain. , Pennwell Books, Tulsa, 1986, ISBN 0-87814-298-3
Computer ready math, wide coverage of quantitative analysis methods
See  eTexts by E. R. Crain for current version

The Log Analysis Handbook
Volume Two - Geological and Geophysical Methods
E. R. Crain Self Published. 1998
Computer ready math, wide coverage of geological and geophysical methods
See  eTexts by E. R. Crain for current version

CWLS Log Analysis Handbook
Crain, E. R., Orman, D., (Editors) CWLS, Calgary, 1987, ISBN na
100% Canadian content - you need this, 100 pages

Canadian Case Histories CWLS Reprint Volumes - Vols 1 - 3
Crain, E.R. (Editor), CWLS, Calgary, 1991 , ISBN na
The best bargain in town - 3 volume set for $120 + CWLS Bibliography on disc, 1500 pages

Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering

B.C. Craft and M.F. Hawkins

Prentice Hall, Eaglewoor Cliffs, NJ, 1959

An industry standard

Applied Hydrodynamics in Petroleum Exploration
Dahlberg, E. C., Springer-Verlag, New York, 1982, ISBN 0-387-90677-0
Log analysts need to know this stuff, 161 pages

Essentials of Modern Open-hole Log Interpretation
Dewan, J. T., PennWell Publ, Tulsa, 1983, ISBN 0-87814-233-9
A modern best seller and classical treatment, 361 pages

Rock Forming Minerals

W.A. Deer, R.A. Howie and J. Zussman

John Wiley and Sons, 1962.

Useful background for a petrophysicist

Log Analysis of Subsurface Geology
Doveton, J. H., John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1986, ISBN 0-471-89368-4
A regional, computerized approach, 273 pages

Geologic Log Analysis of Welll Logs Using Computer Methods
Doveton, J., AAPG, Tulsa, 1994, ISBN 0-89181-701-8
Now out of Date

Rocky Mountain Formation Water Resistivities
DWLS, Petroleum Information Corporation, Denver, 1985, ISBN na
You might need this, 100 pages

Well Logging for Earth Scientists
Ellis, D. V., Elsevier Science Publishing Co. Inc., New York, 1987, ISBN 0-444-01180-3
Lots of tool theory, 532 pages

Finding Oil and Gas from Well Logs
Etnrye, L .M., Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1989, ISBN 0-442-22309-9
Good basics, not much "Finding", 305 pages

Formation Evaluation
EXLOG Staff, IHRDC, Boston, 1985, ISBN 0-88746-054-2
Good geology primer, 183 pages

Theory and Evaluation of Formation Pressures
EXLOG Staff, IHRDC, Boston, 1985, ISBN 0-88746-052-6
Thorough coverage, 231 pages

Mud Logging
EXLOG Staff, IHRDC, Boston, 1985, ISBN 0-88746-044-5
Thorough coverage, 92 pages

Theory and Application of Drilling Fluids Hydraulics
EXLOG Staff, IHRDC, Boston, 1985, ISBN 0-88746-045-3
Log analysts should read this once, 198 pages

Coring Operations
EXLOG Staff, IHRDC, Boston, 1985, ISBN 0-88746-053-4
Thorough coverage, 174 pages

Abnormal Formation Pressures
Fertl, W. H., Elsevier Science Publishing Company Inc., New York, 1976, ISBN 0-444-41328-6
Excellent coverage, 382 pages

Prospecting With Old E-Logs
Frank, R. W., Schlumberger Educational Services, Houston, 1986, ISBN SMP-7013
Gulf Coast orientation, well presented, 161 pages

Production  Handbook, Vol. 1, 2
T.C. Frick, Editor
McGraw Hill, New UYork, NY, 1962

An industry standard

Petroleum Engineering, Drilling and Completions
Gatlin, C., Prentice Hall, 1960, ISBN na
Dated material 

Log Interpretation Reference Data Handbook
Gearhart-Owen Industries, Gearhart-Own Industries Inc., Fort Worth, 1972, ISBN na
Really good data, but impossible to find, 150 pages

Lexicon of Canadian Stratigraphy
Glass, D. J., McAra Printing Limited, Calgary, 1990, ISBN 0-9020230-23-7
Good lithology descriptions, need a separate volume for each area in Canada, 772 pages

Wireline Operations
Gore, N., The University of Texas, Austin, 1984, ISBN 0-88698-043-7
Wireline workovers, not wireline logging, good stuff to know, 80 pages

Geophysical Logging for Mineral and Engineering Applications
Hallenburg, J. K., PennWell Publishing Company, Tulsa, 1984, ISBN 0-87814-235-5
Not very deep, some good examples, 234 pages

HP41C Formation Evaluation Programs
Hallenburg, J. K., PennWell Publishing Company, Tulsa, 1984, ISBN 0-87814-253-3
Companion to above, 105 pages

Russian Style Formation Evaluation
Harrison, B. (Editor), Geol Soc (UK), 1994, ISBN 1-897799-20-9
Tremendous book, necessary if you work with Russian style logs, 700 pages

Fundamentals of Formation Evaluation
Helander, D. P. OGCI Publications, Tulsa, 1983, ISBN 0-930972-02-3
Broad coverage, well beyond logging

History of the Well Logging and Wireline Business
Hilchie, D. W., Douglas W. Hilchie Inc., Boulder, 1990, ISBN na
Interesting and personal survey

The Geologic Well Log Interpreter
Hilchie, D. W., Douglas W. Hilchie Inc., Golden, 1987, ISBN na
Clear schematic and real examples, 150 pages

Advanced Well Log Interpretation
Hilchie, D. W., Douglas W. Hilchie Inc., Golden, 1982, ISBN na
An industry standard, slightly dated, 300 pages

Applied Open-hole Log Interpretation
Hilchie, D. W., Douglas W. Hilchie Inc., Golden, 1982, ISBN na
The basics covered well - some Canadian content, 300 pages

Applied Open-hole Log Interpretation - Solutions
Hilchie, D. W., Douglas W. Hilchie Inc., Golden, 1982, ISBN na
Answers for above exercises, 50 pages

Old Electrical Log Interpretation
Hilchie, D. W. Douglas W. Hilchie Inc., Golden, 1979, ISBN na
The best of the three books that cover this subject, 164 pages

Production Logging - Theoretical and Interpretive Elements
Hill, A. D., SPE, Richardson, 1990, ISBN 1-55563-030-8
Thorough coverage, 154 pages

TI-59 Reservoir Engineering Manual
Hollo, R., PennWell Publishing Company, Tulsa, 1980, ISBN 0-87814-134-0
Some useful algorithms, 220 pages

Geological Applications of Wireline Logs II
Hurst, A. (Editor), Geol Soc (UK), 1992, ISBN 0-903317-80-X
A collection of recent papers, European viewpoint, 404 pages

Geological Applications of Wireline Logs
Hurst, A. (Editor), Geol Soc (UK), 1990, ISBN 0-903317-45-1
A collection of recent papers, European viewpoint, 357 pages

Well Logging for the Nontechnical Person
Johnson, D. E., PennWell Publishing Company, Oklahoma, 1988, ISBN 0-87814-329-7
Well, not really non-technical, but their hearts were in the right place, 198 pages

Formation Waters of Western Canada
Johnson, R., Opus Engineering, Calgary, 1992, ISBN na
Complete chemical analysis of each sample, more complete than CWLS catalog, 500 pages

Well Logging 2 - Electric and Acoustic Logging
Jorden, J. R., SPE, Richardson, 1986, ISBN 1-55563-002-2
Very concise, consistent review - Volume III on radioactivity is overdue by 2-3 years, 182 pages

Well Logging 1 - Rock Properties, Borehole Environment, Mud and Temperature Logging
Jorden, J. R. SPE, Richardson, 1984, ISBN 0-89520-323-5
Very concise, consistent review, 167 pages

Induction Logging
Kaufman, A. A. Elsevier Science Publishing Co. Inc., New York, 1989, ISBN 0-444-42949-2
You need to be weird to own this book, 600 pages

Thermodynamics for Geologists
Kern, R., Freeman, Cooper and Company, San Francisco, 1967, ISBN 0-87735-305-0
Explains diagenisis - sort of, 304 pages

A Practical Introduction to Borehole Geophysics
Labo, J., SEG, Tulsa, 1986, ISBN 0-931830-47-8
Well done, but not well known, very good on seismic applications, 330 pages

Reservoir Characterization
Lake, L. (Editor), Academic Press, New York, 1989, ISBN 0-12-424066-0
A collection of provocative papers, 722 pages

Formation Evaluation
Lynch, E. J., Harper & Row, New York, 1962, ISBN 62-13249
Broad coverage, 414 pages

Fundamentals of Electric Logging
Martin, R. I., The Petroleum Publishing Company, Tulsa, 1955, ISBN na
Reprints of old papers - interesting but not essential, 68 pages

Elmworth - Case Study of a Deep Basin Gas Field
Masters, J, AAPG, Tulsa, 1984, ISBN 0-89181-315-2
The ultimate case history - 100% Canadian content, 316 pages

Pressure Buildup and Flow Test in Wells
Matthews, C. S., SPE, 1967, ISBN 0-89520-200-X
Covers the basics well

Radioactive Investigation of Oil and Gas Well.
Translated by J.C.M. Muhlhause
MacMillan Company,
Helps to understand Russian logs

The Rock Physics Handbook
Mavko, G., Cambridge Press, 1998, USBN 0-521-62068-6
Excellent presentation of useful algorithms

HP-41 Reservoir Engineering Manual
Meehan, D. N., PennWell Publishing Company, Tulsa, 1982, ISBN 0-87814-186-3
Some useful math, 364 pages

Well Log Formation Evaluation
Merkel, R. H., AAPG, Tulsa, 1986, ISBN 89181-163-X
Course notes, pretty basic, 82 pages

Petroleum Exploration Handbook
G.B. Moody, Editor
McGraw Hill, New York, NY, 1961

An industry standard

Productive Low Resistivity Well Logs, Offshore Gulf of Mexico
Moore, D. C., Houston Geol Soc, 1993, ISBN na
Course notes with case histories

Encyclopedia of Physics
S.P. Parker
McGraw Hill, New York, NY, 1982. 
Background reference, might make some logs easier to understand        1965.
Fundamentals of Reservoir Simulation

Peaceman, D., Elsevier, New York, 1989, ISBN 0-444-41578-5
Fairly deep, but helps to understand the final use of petrophysical results

Geologic Well Log Analysis Bar Code Supplement
Pirson, S. J., Gulf Publishing Company, 1983 , ISBN 0-87201-903-9
Companion to below, 28 pages

Geologic Well Log Analysis - Third Edition
Pirson, S. J., Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, 1983, ISBN 0-87201-902-0
An industry standard, very good geology, less reservoir applications, 475 pages

Geologic Well Log Analysis
Pirson, S. J., Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, 1970, ISBN 0-87201-901-2
Older version - not much different than above, 475 pages

Handbook of Well Log Analysis
Pirson, S. J., Prentice-Hall Inc., Englewood Cliffs, 1963, ISBN 63-9396
State of the art in 1962, still useful for older logs, 326 pages

Oil Reservoir Engineering
Pirson, S. J., McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., New York, 1958, ISBN 57-10917
A classic out of print - find one if you can, 735 pages

Glossary of Terms and Expressions Used in Well Logging Second Edition
Ransom, R. C., SPWLA, Houston, 1984, ISBN na
Some entries are misleading, 116 pages

Exploration for Carbonate Petroleum Reservoirs
Reeckmann, A., John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1982, ISBN 0-471-08603-7
Useful, hard to find, 213 pages

The Geological Interpretation of Well Logs
Rider, M. H., Halsted Press, New York, 1986, ISBN 0-470-20281-5
Newer than Pirson, heavy on tool theory, 175 pages

The Art of Ancient Log Analysis
Ross, D. (Editor), Society of Professional Well Log Analysts, Houston, 1979, ISBN na
Mostly reprints plus course notes, 300 pages

Handbook on Well Logging
Sengel, E. W., The Institute for Energy Development, Oklahoma, 1981, ISBN 0-89419-112-8
Brief, somewhat dated, 168 pages

Fundamentals of Well Log Interpretation - Interpretation
Serra, O., Elsevier Publ, New York, 1986, ISBN 0-444-42620-5
These two volumes are the best, especially the illustrations, but not cheap, 679 pages

Fundamentals of Well Log Interpretation - Acquisition
Serra, O., Elsevier Publ, New York, 1984, ISBN 0-444-42132-7
See above, 422 pages

Reservoir Engineering Techniques Using Fortran
Sinha, M., IHRDC, Boston, 1985, ISBN 0-934634-50-5
Some good algorithms, ready to code, 224 pages

Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences
Smith, D. G.., Crown Publishers, Cambridge, 1981, ISBN 0-517-54370-2
Useful reference, not much on petrophysics

Production Logging
SPE, Richardson, 1985, ISBN 0-89529-328-6
Very concise, consistent review, 375 pages

Formation Water Resistivities of Canada
Struyk, C. (Editor), CWLS, Calgary, 1987, ISBN na
You need this, 77 pages

Formation Water Resistivities of Canada on Disc
Crain, E. R., CWLS, Calgary, 1992, ISBN na
Companion to above, 1 disc

Oil and Gas Production - Openhole Logging
The University of Texas, Petroleum Extension Service, Austin, 1981, ISBN 3.30410
Course notes, dated, 85 pages

Log Data Acquisition and Quality Control
Theys, P. P., Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, 1991, ISBN 2-7108-0601-0
Good stuff, slightly different viewpoint, 330 pages

Practical Reservoir Engineering - Volume 2
Timmerman, E. H., PennWell Publishing Company, Tulsa, 1982, ISBN 0-87814-181-2
Really good overview, modern approach, 367 pages

Practical Reservoir Engineering - Volume 1
Timmerman, E. H., PennWell Publishing Company, Tulsa, 1982, ISBN 0-87814-168-5
Really good overview, modern approach, 363 pages

Geophysical Well Logging
Tittman, J., Academic Press Inc., Florida, 1986, ISBN 0-12-691390-0
An industry classic at a good price, 175 pages

Petroleum Production Handbook, Vol. 1, 2, 3
 L.C. Uren
McGraw Hill, New York, NY, 1959 

Background you should be familiar wuth

Wireline Logging Tool Catalog
Verdier, M., Editions Technip, Paris, 1984, ISBN 2-7108-0452-2
Good, but gets out of date quickly, 169 pages

Exploration Stratigraphy
Visher, G. S., PennWell Publish Company, Tulsa, 1990, ISBN 0-87814-342-4
Really good illustrations, 433 pages

North Sea Formation Waters
Warren, E. A. (Editor), Geol Soc (UK), 1994, ISBN 1-897799-07-1
Very pretty and pretty expensive, 200 pages

Basic Concepts of Well Log Interpretation
Welex Haliburton Company, Houston, 1950?, ISBN na
An oldie but goodie - one of the best explanations of Archie's Laws, 42 pages

SEM Petrology Atlas
Welton, J. E., AAPG, Tulsa, 1984, ISBN 0-89181-653-4
Not as useful as I had hoped, 237 pages

Encyclopedia of Mathematics

B.H.West, E.N.Greisbach, J.D.Taylor, L.T.Taylor

Prentice-Hall, 1982

Refresh your memory, plus lots more
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
R.C. West
58th Edition CRC Press.

More than most of us need to know

Mud Logging Handbook
Whittaker, A., Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 1991, ISBN 0-13-155268-6
Good practical book, 531 pages

The Fundamentals of Well Log Interpretation
Wyllie, M.R.J., Academic Press, New York, 1963, ISBN 0-12-767253-2
State of the art in 1962, useful insights into sonic logging, 238 pages


The Schlumberger Adventure
Gruber-Schlumberger, A.. Arco Publishing, New York, 1982, ISBN 0-668-05644-4
Very personal story of the early days of logging

Schlumberger: History of a Technique
Allaud, L., Martin, M., Wiley, New York, 1977, ISBN 0-471-31667-5
Very good technical history

Science On The Run
Bowker, G., MIT Press, Cambridge, 1994, ISBN 0-262-02367-9
Terrible writing, many factual errors, confusing – don’t waste your time

Art of Corporate Success
Auletta, A., Putnam, New York, 1984, ISBN 0-399-12930-8
Mostly business, how Schlumberger succeeded

Fifty Years of Dresser Atlas
Dresser Atlas, 1982, ISBN na
Excellent history, contrast with Schlumberger histories

Schlumberger World Energy Atlas
P. Bush, Petroleum Economist, London, 2003 ISBN 1-86186-193-1
Useful, but many errors on maps, North America coverage is poor

These are just a few of the many hundreds of manuals offered to Service Company clients.

Interpretive Methods for Production Well Logs
Atlas Wireline, Atlas Wireline, 1990,  AT90-163
Very necessary, 188 pages

Neutron Lifetime Log
Atlas Wireline, Atlas Wireline, 1983, AT 3319
You need this, even if its old, 100 pages

Well Logging and Interpretation Techniques - The Course for Home Study
Dresser Atlas, Atlas Wireline, 1985, DA 9333
A real bargain, get a current version, 100 pages

Carbon/Oxygen Log
Dresser Atlas, Dresser Industries Inc., Houston, 1981, DA  9417
This topic is not covered well in the standard books, 250 pages

Dresser Atlas, Dresser Atlas, 1980, DA 3334
Many examples, slightly dated, 250 pages

Practical Log Analysis
Dresser Atlas, Petroleum Publishing Company, Tulsa, 1979, DA 9394
A collection of basic papers, 50 pages

Cased Hole Log Interpretation Principles/Applications
Schlumberger, Schlumberger, Houston, 1989, SMP-7025
Very tool oriented, you may need older versions for old logs, 200 pages

Log Interpretation Volume 1 - Principles
Schlumberger, 1972

Log Interpretation Volume II - Applications
Schlumberger, 1974

Log Interpretation Principles/Applications
Schlumberger, Houston, 1987, SMP-7017
Very tool oriented, you may need older versions for old logs, 198 pages, as above

Sedimentary Environments from Wireline Logs
Schlumberger, Schlumberger, Houston, 1985, M-081030/SMP-7008
Condensed version of book by Oberto Serra, 210 pages

The best in our busimess

Well Seismic Techniques
Schlumberger, Schlumberger, Houston, 1985, SMP-9040
No other reference covers these topics, 24 pages

 Cased Hole Applications
Schlumberger, Schlumberger, Houston, 1975, C-11976
Older version - you need it for older tools, 123 pages

Fluid Conversion in Production Log Interpretation
Schlumberger, Schlumberger, Houston, 1974, C-11952
Absolutely essential - topics not covered elsewhere, 57 pages

The Essentials of Log Interpretation Practice
Schlumberger, Schlumberger, Houston, 1973, ISBN na
A concise review of techniques as done in the 70's, 30 pages

Fundamentals of Dipmeter Interpretation
Schlumberger, Schlumberger, Houston, 1970, C-11797
Superceded by Sedimentary Environments, but you need this version too, 147 pages


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