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1. META/KWIK  "Quick Look" Log Analysis Spreadsheet for Conventional Oil, Gas, and Tar Sands wells, includes net pay, productivity, and reserves.
Metric Units Version     English Units Version

2. META/SHL-GAS  Kerogen Corrected "Quick Look" Log Analysis Spreadsheet for Unconventional Oil and Gas, includes net pay, productivity, and reserves.
Metric Units Only    

3. META/ESP  Log Analysis Spreadsheet for Conventional Oil and Gas, includes lithology, net pay, productivity, and reserves.
English and Metric Units

4. META/TAR  Log Analysis for Tar Sands, tar mass, net pay, and reserves.
English and Metric Units

5. META/CORE  Core Analysis, includes net pay, productivity, and reserves for comparison with META/ESP and META/TAR, plus crossplots.
English and Metric Units

6. META/DST  Pressure Buildup Analysis, includes "Quick Look" Horner and Ramey methods, with plots.
English and Metric Units

7. META/CASH  Cash Flow Analysis, includes "Quick Look" exploration-style production prediction and cash flow.
English and Metric Units

8. META/SCAL Capillary Pressure Analysis, includes crossplot to find SWir.
English and Metric Units

9. META/FRF  Electrical Properties Analysis, with crossplots to find A, M, N.
English and Metric Units

10. META/TVD  True Vertical Depth Analysis using seven common methods.
English and Metric Units

11. META/MECH  Mechanical Properties / Elastic Constants, includes Poisson's Ratio, shear, bulk, Young's moduli, and closure stress.
Metric Units

12. META/MODL  Model Log Response for Seismic Editing, log response for fluid and rock replacement , or repair logs prior to META/MECH.
English and Metric Units

13. META/DIP  Dip Subtraction / Rotation, includes apparent dip in any arbitrary azimuth.

14. META/PYR  Model Effects of Pyrite on Resistivity and Saturation

15. META/RW  Calculate RW at formation temperature - 5 methods.
Metric and English Units

16. META/WT-VOL  Converts weight fraction to volume and vice versa - for XRD, TOC, Tar Mass
Metric and English Units

17. META/TOC  Total Organic Content from Sonic vs Resistivity and Density vs Resistivity - Passey or Issler methods.
Metric Units

18. META/GAS  Adsorbed and Free Gas Volumes - Shale Gas, Normal Gas
English Units

19. META/LAM  Laminated Shaly Sand, Laminated Porosity, and Hester's Laminated Sand Models.

20. META/COAL  Coal Assay Model for Coal Composition.

21. META/CBM  Coal Bed Methane Models.

22. META/YIELD  Oil Shale Yield Models.


23. META/SEIS  Model Logs for Fluid Replacement, Lithology, Calculate Reflection Coefficients

24. META/K2O  Potash Analysis from GR, Sonic, and Neutron Logs

25. META/PERM  Compare Permeability Calculated from Various Methods

26. META/SAL  Compare RW from NaCl Salinity (3 Methods)


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